The History of the Floyd County Chamber

April 27, 1964, the Commonwealth of Kentucky incorporated the Prestonsburg Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

The Organizing Directors of Prestonsburg Chamber of Commerce in 1964 were:


Arbor Jones

Edward Music

Burl Spurlock


As of September 24, 1980, the corporation did business under the assumed name, Prestonsburg-Floyd County Chamber of Commerce.


On July 6, 1981, the Board of Directors voted to change the name of the corporation to “Floyd County Chamber of Commerce.”


July 1, 1982, the Articles of Incorporation were amended from the Prestonsburg Chamber of Commerce, Inc. to the Floyd County Chamber of Commerce, Inc.


The Articles of Incorporation, although amending the corporation in 1982, read:

          The object and purpose of this organization shall be the up building, encouraging and assisting in public improvements of all kins therein, including streets, highways, parks, sewers, public buildings and any and all things which are for the public good; locating schools and colleges, libraries, and all things which look toward higher and better educational advantages; locating developing, and assisting in the location and development therein of manufactures, and other industries; buying, owning, developing and selling property, real and personal, borrowing money and issuing bonds and other evidences of indebtedness, and executing mortgages or deeds of trust to secure same; conducting a merchants association, which will bring merchants and parties engaged in trade in closer association and work for the mutual advantage and protection of the same. In addition, the Board shall have full power to do any and all things deemed necessary in carrying on any and all of the above objects; to foster and promote the commercial, industrial, physical and moral development of the area and vicinity.

            To effectuate the foregoing purposes, the Chamber, will cooperate with and endeavor to coordinate plans and programs of other agencies, both private and governmental, such as Departments of State Government, State Chamber of Commerce, regional groups, private business, and other like trade and professional groups which seek to promote the objectives of the Chamber.